What's it all about?

Our Future Starts Here is an ever-evolving project for Grimsby launched in 2022, exploring pressing issues of our time through an innovative arts and culture programme.

Edition One and Edition Two in 2022 explored sustainable futures through a quality performance programme and the breathtaking GAIA (Earth) installation and began to tell the story of Grimsby’s place in the world now. Edition Three in May 2023 continued the conversation, presenting ground-breaking artistic work as well as a chance to connect with the region’s creatives. Attracting 40,000 + audiences so far, Our Future Starts Here Edition Four took place from 21 – 27 October 2023.

We’re bringing new experiences to residents and visitors and making culture and creativity accessible, while aiming to enable understanding of how we might work towards ‘greener, healthier and happier futures’.

Our Future Starts Here offers an engaging children’s strand on sustainability and future themes, with a range of nature-based workshops and activities and we’re supporting and celebrating generations of experimental music talent with performance and participation opportunities.

Our Future Starts Here

Commissioned as part of the Creative North East Lincolnshire programme that is funded through the Place Partnership Fund by Arts Council England, Our Future Starts Here is produced by The Culture House, an award-winning and pioneering arts organisation based in Grimsby, in collaboration with local, regional and national partners.

Our Future Starts Here is produced by The Culture House, an arts and cultural organisation based in Grimsby working to widen access to culture, enliven spaces and provide more opportunities for connection while exploring issues that matter to us all. The Culture House is a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.