this place [of mine] Grimsby

this place [of mine]: Grimsby launches with a new virtual online gallery experience showcasing the Grimsby Town Centre of the future through the artistic lens of Grimsby Institute design students.

In 2020 the UK government pledged to invest £830m from the Future High Streets Fund, to aid town centres in England in recovery from the pandemic and deliver ambitious regeneration plans. The funding aims to support these areas and transform their high streets into vibrant hubs for future generations. Our hometowns are changing, but how do we know what the future generations want? What would our towns and cities look like, if young aspiring artists and designers were allowed a say in their design?

From looking to the high streets to looking to the future, November will see the birth of ‘this place [of mine] Grimsby’, an ambitious project carrying the same exploratory DNA as its predecessor, ‘this place [of mine]‘. First created by FutureEverything and commissioned by GMCA in 2020, ‘this place [of mine]’ created a virtual platform in the midst of lockdown, for young people from across Greater Manchester, to come together to co-imagine the future of our high streets through digital art, culture and creativity.

Created in partnership with FutureEverything, Culture House and Grimsby Institute, ‘this place [of mine] Grimsby’, takes form as a six week programme with local game design students and a virtual gallery experience, made in collaboration with designers Studio Treble, for the people of Grimsby and beyond.

Led by artist and technologist, enorê, the workshop sessions aim to provide space to open up conversations and debate Grimsby’s place in the world, while also giving the students agency to become the architects of their own future places. Besides rediscovering the hidden gems and heritage of Grimsby, our young designers will have the opportunity to explore the use of non-formal, digital learning in arts and culture, while enhancing their skills in hands-on digital making and design.

Culminating in the production of digital artworks that express their visions of a future high street, the artworks created by the Grimsby Institute students will be presented online at the FutureEverything website and the CultureHouse websites late this year. Stay tuned for more updates.

Together we will speculate, collaborate and create a collective future vision for the town.

Workshop Mentors & Creative Collaborators

Studio Treble

Manchester-based design studio, Studio Treble are the development team overseeing the creation of the Grimsby students artwork.


enorê is a Brazilian interdisciplinary artist working between digital and physical media. They are leading the workshops and mentoring the Grimsby Institute students.

Our Future Starts Here is produced by The Culture House, an arts and cultural organisation based in Grimsby working to widen access to culture, enliven spaces and provide more opportunities for connection while exploring issues that matter to us all. The Culture House is a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.